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Posted on December 11, 2023   |   Industry Trends
SaleRise: Pioneering Web Performance with WEBP Format

In this blog, we explore how Salerise is utilizing the WEBP image format to enhance website performance. WEBP, a Google-developed format, significantly reduces image file sizes without compromising quality, leading to faster website loading times and improved SEO rankings. We discuss the automatic conversion of images to WEBP for all SaleRise users, browser compatibility, and the flexibility for users to choose their preferred image format. The blog also touches on how popular site speed test tools like Google's PageInsight view WEBP favorably, emphasizing its importance in modern web optimization. Join us to learn how Salerise is making the web faster and more user-friendly with WEBP.

Posted on November 10, 2023   |   Business Development
The Essential Digital Step: Why Small Businesses Need an Online Presence with SaleRise

Explore the transformative power of an online presence for small businesses and learn why a digital footprint is key to thriving in today's market.