On your mark

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We have spent countless hours on brainstorming, designing and coming up with SaleRise. We believe SaleRise will help anyone thinking of getting online. This had been a mammoth task. We never thought it would take this long. But now we have a product we are excited to show to the world and get your feedback on it.

Please give your feedback on what you think about the product and how we can continue to improve. That can be a user experience or a bug that just skipped through our eyes. We would especially like to hear about feature requests. Offering flexibility was one of the things that took so long. We wanted to make it flexible to add modules later. For example, we added a flight reservation module for one of our clients in the UK. You wouldn't be able to do that anywhere else. Yes, our competing platforms do offer things like apps and marketplace but that is just not good enough.

We have nothing against our competitors. They are doing good for themselves.

Think about this for a minute. If you don't like your own website with what you can get out of the website builders.How could you retain the visitor and expect they would find your website and content trustworthy?

There are other things as well which we all know like SEO, speed, SSL and so on...

We want to give users a more personalized feel and all-in-one website hosting experience which builds on solving your pain points and working together to give visitors the best experience.

We will keep writing blogs with more updates and general posts about what we have been cooking.

We request you to spread the word and join us in our social accounts in Twitter and Facebook.

Good day!